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Perfect Pasta: A NYC Restaurant Gets a Makeover!

January 2, 2017

An undeniable favourite, perfect pasta is synonymous with flavour and tradition. Get ready CoContesters, we’re going to take a peek at a remarkable restaurant makeover that is sure to make you hungry and inspire your next refurbishment project!

Today’s feature contest is a little different from last week’s residential project. This week we are checking out a perfect pasta restaurant that embraces tradition and modernity, consequently imparting a sense of allure and timeless charm.

Rezdora is a high quality pasta restaurant that reimagines fast food. Opening in New York City this year, the shop offers made-from-scratch pasta that boasts a sense of sustainability, entertainment, and authenticity all for an affordable price. Seeking to create a unique interior format that can be adapted to multiple shops across the city, the brief included certain specificities such as natural and warm spaces, featuring an organic, timber-centric and welcoming aesthetic.

Would you like to see our three winning designs? Read on below to see what our professionals have designed and created for this perfect pasta restaurant…

Check out the basic plan and layout

perfect pasta

Before we take a look within the store, it’s often a good idea to check out the general setup and floor plan. Designed by Up4 Architects, this simple and practical layout can be customised to suit any 500 – 1000 square foot space.

Sharing the same core values, this neat design keeps the preparation and cooking on one side of the shop, while the restaurant sits opposite. As many New York City shops come replete with small shopfronts by long floor plans, this is an ideal way to retain a sense of openness and spatial awareness.

Perfect pasta is all about tradition

perfect pasta

Pasta boasts a long, well-established history and sense of tradition, which is why it was so important to consider the layout, ambience and setup. The warm and welcoming ambience of this option is enhanced with natural textures such as brick, timber and foliage. The lighting is hospitable, in addition to the authentic sense of environmental friendliness.

Usability and timelessness

perfect pasta

The facade of a store is unquestionably important. Here the designers have opted for a simple setup that looks alluring. The black and white works effortlessly against the brickwork, consequently suiting a range of locations. Eye-catching and bold, the large windows also provide a glimpse at the automated pasta making machines. Would you visit this store? We think this is definitely a successful option, in addition to its enduring and welcoming aesthetic.

A different and engaging facade

perfect pasta

Next up, we check out a slightly different exterior facade. Designed by Studio Matra, this setup literally shines! What do you think of this design in comparison to the aforementioned example? Similar yet different, this setup involved another large window to display the pasta making. However, bright patterned tiles are added to provide character, while the appearance is engaging and inviting.

The warm and inviting interior

perfect pasta

Inside the restaurant we are able to check out the food service space, along with the spacious seating area. Much like the design below, this option caters to individuals who may be dining along, and offers up long bar-like tables to keep people warm, welcomed and happy.

Where would you choose to dine? The timber is warm and elegant, in addition to providing a sense of tradition and raw organic aesthetics.

Friendly spaces for one or more

perfect pasta

Designed by architect Luis Bovio, this next design works to create a social gathering point for individuals, while boosting a sense of practicality and warmth. Working with a typical rectangular shaped space, this gorgeous option boasts an industrial aesthetic, in addition to a feeling of homeliness.

Forget about feeling lonely while you eat your perfect pasta dinner or lunch, this setup is customer oriented, with a fresh and organic atmosphere.

Creating a community space…with perfect pasta!

perfect pasta

If there is one thing that brings people together, it is food. Not simply entertaining, pasta is also about creating a community environment. Within the neighbourhood this shop allows individuals to feel cosy, comfy and welcomed. In this image we see how the designer has opted to include social tables. These are large enough to host many people, while also offering a space for individuals to gather and eat together.

Which design is your favourite? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

And stay tuned next week for another fabulous contest…

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