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burkatron: Today’s Feature Blog

January 5, 2017

Happy Thursday CoContesters, and welcome back to another fabulous feature blogger session. Today we’re taking a peek at an über-chic, DIY focused website that’s sure to offer a few ideas and inspiration for your own home. Ready to get started? Check out burkatron below…

Last week we took a look at The DIY Playbook, but today we’ll be delving into the delightful world of Caroline Burke and her super stylish blog, burkatron. Whether you fancy yourself a beginner or expert, we’re sure you’ll glean a few tips and tricks to improve your home and your life.

So, who exactly is burkatron?


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The face behind this successful blog is Caroline Burke. With a penchant for all things design and DIY related, she has curated a selection of fabulous (and achievable) projects that are sure to impress. So where did it all begin? Started in her late 20’s as a way to share all the things she loves, Caroline (a fine artist) curates her posts to provide a chic collection of visually appealing, swoon-worthy bits and pieces we’re sure you’ll love!

If you’d like to learn more about Caroline and her blog, read on here.

Beautiful interior inspiration


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If there is one thing Caroline knows how to do, it’s how to make us feel seriously envious at her collection of gorgeously sumptuous interiors. Boasting a range of decor and accessory inspiration, this website is replete with an endless collection of must-have designs. Creative and original, the designs and interiors features are Nordic in their aesthetic, pairing simple neutral hues with plush textiles.

Do you like what you see? Check out a little Scandinavian inspiration over here on the blog.

Delightful DIYs


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One of the best features on the blog is definitely the DIY section. Bursting with endless projects that look wonderfully achievable, we’re finding it hard to decide which one to do next! Everything from desk organisers to concrete planters are covered, in addition to seasonal features is covered.

One of the projects we are definitely going to get started on is the DIY removal triangle wall decals. Simple enough for a weekend project with friends, this is definitely a way to improve your home’s playfulness tenfold.

Handy home advice for everyone!


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Along with plenty of DIY projects and ideas, the blog also offers handy home advice and regular articles that are sure to improve your living situation. With tips on how to care for indoor plants, decorate design chairs and style your bathroom, there is sure to be something to suit everyone! Go on, check it out today and see if there are few tips you can employ in your home…

Staying up to date…

so happy to be back in sweden! (love our little apartment 💘) #gothenberg #airbnb #sweden

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If you like what you see and would like to stay up-to-date, while picking up a few tips of your own, head over to Instagram and follow Caroline. Boasting regular posts, in addition to plenty of gorgeous interior tips, her cheery snaps are a must-see!

What did you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts, in addition to any comments you might have below…

And stay tuned next Thursday, when we present another fab feature blogger!


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