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Incorporating Neutrals: Remodelling Tips

January 7, 2017
incorporating neutrals

Of all the colour schemes one might choose for their home, neutral, muted and subtle tones are unquestionably an enduring favourite.

Hi CoContesters and welcome back to our regular remodelling sessions. If you reside in the northern hemisphere, you’ll notice the winter weather is well underway! To counter the chill, we’re going to take a look at incorporating neutrals into your home. Neutral tones are perfectly trans-seasonal, consequently adding warmth and versatility with ease. If you have organised your home for the new year, then it might be time to consider refreshing its aesthetic and ambience.

We’re here today with a collection of stylish tips that are sure to inspire and get you thinking about your interior design. From stripping back doors and walls, to embracing timber tones, there is something to suit everyone. Interested? Read on below and start redecorating today!

Pare-back natural materials for an earthy feature

Incorporating Neutrals

via Dreamy Whites

This sliding door setup shows us how incorporating neutrals can be achieved in many different interior spaces. Bursting with rustic charisma and a sense of effortlessly shabby-chic elegance, while still feeling timeless, this design is perfectly trendy. If you are considering a new interior aesthetic, stripping back internal features can really add character and charm.

Think outside the box and look at your walls as well as your doors. Exposed concrete, brickwork and stone can impart different vibes, from industrial to provincial.

Pair your neutrals with contrasting elements

incorporating neutrals

via The Merrythought

Next up, we have a room that has seamlessly incorporated neutrals, while adding contrasting elements to keep the room energetic and engaging. The crisp white walls look elegant and refined, while a carefully curated selection of accessories bring the entire design together, consequently imparting a sense of completeness.

When adding neutral tones to your home’s design, you should consider employing furniture or accoutrements that draw the eye away from the muted shades. This will in turn provide depth to your dwelling’s atmosphere and visually enhance the experience for you and your guests.

Magically monochromatic

incorporating neutrals

via Apt. 34

If however, you prefer a more monochromatic aesthetic, you’ll wan to take a peek inside our next room. This Parisian apartment embraces whites, off-whites and French greys to create an angelic aura, in addition to a serene atmosphere. Work with a colour family (say cream, earthy neutrals, grey or white) and add hues that are similar, yet differ enough to add interest.

And take some cues from this elegant example, adding heavy drapes, suspended lighting, modern provincial furniture and a chic olive tree for contrast.

Incorporating neutrals means embracing timber tones

incorporating neutrals

via Bungalow 5

Some of the most prevalent and desirable neutral tones often come from natural materials. Timber is a long-standing favourite, while its artificial counterparts also offer plenty for the home designer and redecorator. We took a particular liking to this impressive kitchen/dining/living setup that boasts plenty of lavish neutral hues. Consider timber tones for your home, while paying special attention to lighter hues and those with interesting or unique grains.

For that Nordic touch…

incorporating neutrals

via Oracle Fox

Nordic interior design has long been associated with neutral and muted tones. Evoking snow and a refreshed ambience, while offering an achievable and chic design, this is one style you’ll want to pay attention to. And from peeking inside this living room above, it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular! As Scandinavian style is an enduring and much-loved aesthetic, you should take a little time to accustom yourself, and think creatively with your new design.

Replete with a sense of simplicity, the room offers minimal touches that assist in creating a welcoming and casual air. Practical and liveable, the light timber floors are a standout, while the white sofa imparts a sense of sophistication. Like what you see? Check out the home in its entirety here, while gleaning a few tips for your own home.

Are you ready to start incorporating neutrals? Let us know your thoughts, while adding a comment in the box below…

And stay tuned next week, in addition to more remodelling tips, we’ll have feature bloggers and fab new contests to show you!

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