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A Tiny Apartment in Rome gets a Facelift

January 9, 2017

Is there anything more infuriating that trying to design a small home? Due to a lack of space, you’ll find you commonly hit roadblocks, as well as a host of other challenges. Today CoContesters, we’re going to take a peek inside a tiny apartment that has been drastically transformed thanks to its chic and sleek makeover…Pack your bags, we’re heading to Rome!

Small dwellings are by far one of the trickiest and most challenging of all interior projects. A lack of space not only means that a tiny apartment will lack room to move, they also limit what can be done to the abode. Last week we delved into a stylish retail remodel, while today we’ll be headed to the vibrant capital of Italy, to take a look at what can be done to a seriously compact home.

Rome is renowned for its small and compact living, with many of its citizens residing in rather cloistered one-bedroom or studio dwellings. Today’s contest is the latter, and is going to require some serious innovation and creativity to ensure it is liveable and chic. With an incredible 65 submissions received, it was undoubtedly a difficult task for the owner to pick his favourites! Want to learn more? Check out the successful winners below…

The compact, cloistered and crowded studio


Before we take a look at this tiny apartment makeover, we’re going to take a quick peek at its existing state. As a forgotten space on the ground floor of a post-war condo, the owner seeks to improve the area, consequently transforming it into a studio or students or architects.

Int this image we can see there is going to be a lot of work needed to get it back to an enjoyable level of liveability, consequently the designers have their work cut out for them! Let’s see what they’ve come up with…

Now…open and liveable!

Tiny Apartment

Designed by interior designer Luke Stevanovic, this newly refreshed space is sure to impress. This setup boasts an industrial aesthetic, while the range of retro, mid-century furniture options keep the room feeling chic.

The colour scheme that has been chosen for this downstairs space is a range of grey hues, paired with dark contrasting black tones, along with bursts of colour. From this vantage we see the living space, while the bedroom is located upstairs on a loft/mezzanine platform. Let’s take a look now!

The lovely loft

Tiny Apartment

We’re certainly not disappointed by this gorgeous loft! Are you struggling to contain all of your domestic odds and ends, while needing a little more room for living space? Take some cues from this example, which effortlessly contains the bedroom, home workspace, as well as plenty of storage for clothing and accessories.

Neutral, earthy tones

Tiny Apartment

An alternative to the aforementioned industrial-esque space, is this design from Crisitan Traistaru. This is definitely a sleek and chic space, which attempts to create an area to comfortably live, while maximising the available space. As in all of the designs we will see, the architects have included a mezzanine. A spiral staircase was added, to avoid space wastage, while boosting a sense of liveability and roominess.

Earthy tones are employed throughout, while the furniture is contrasted with darker hues and rich timber shades. Elegant and refined, the exposed concrete walls evoke a feeling of austerity, consequently juxtaposed against the beautifully overstuffed sofa.

A light-filled loft

Tiny Apartment

Upstairs is simply stunning! Replete with timber floors for warmth, and plenty of plush textiles, this space is wonderfully accessorised. The large window services both the downstairs and mezzanine, providing ample illumination to all interior zones and living spaces.

What do you think? Are there any gorgeous design tips or tricks you might glean from this room?

Avoiding undesirable aesthetics in a tiny apartment

Tiny Apartment

Our next submission is from architect Milenko Chlebowski, and features a range of impressive elements. From this vantage we can easily see the general arrangement.  The setup employs a mezzanine level, as seen in the two prior examples.

Do you like dark timber paired with bright white hues? If you do, you will love this design. The staircase employs storage space, while the open areas are perfect for books or accoutrements. Built-in furniture assists in saving space, consequently retaining a feeling of movement and cohesion throughout.

Workable living spaces, and versatile areas

Tiny Apartment

Turning around we are able to glimpse the kitchen and workspace. Painted a light white hue, each individual area is bright and airy, with a desirable aura. What do you think of this compact kitchen? Designed for the crowded and tiny area, this cooking space boasts full size appliances and looks very neat!

Which submission took your fancy? Add a comment below and let us know!

Want more CoContesters? Stay tuned next Monday, when we will take a peek inside another fabulous renovation and refurbishment. 

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