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Living room feng shui: 5 remodelling tips!

January 14, 2017
feng shui living rooms

Have you heard of feng shui? If you need a helping hand with your home decor and design, you should check out this 3000-year-old Chinese system of laws and rules. Read on below to learn more…

Last week we took a look at how to decorate with neutral hues, while today we’ll be delving more into the placement and arrangement of furniture and accessories. Feng shui has long been considered a thoughtful and successful set of rules that are considered to govern spatial organisation and positioning relative to the flow of energy (chi). Perfect for those who want to evoke a positive ambience within their abode, living room feng shui is sure to improve the atmosphere and aura of your space with minimal effort. Would you like to learn more? Check out our basic 5 tips below and consider remodelling your living space today.

1. Consider the position of your sofa

living room feng shui

via Per Jansson

The placement of your sofa is crucial to the positive energy within your space. Although you might be limited with where a large piece of furniture can be located, there are still several essentials. Take some cues from the cosy and comfy example above and implement the following:

  • Place your sofa against a solid wall, while remembering it needn’t touch it but can be kept a few centimetres away.
  • Ensure you can see the main entrance from the sofa.
  • Avoid placing your sofa in front of windows, in addition to large openings as this can drain positive energy.

2. Living room feng shui avoids clutter

living room feng shui

via herz und blut

Clutter is disastrous for a feng shui room. Avoid too many accessories, while instead opting for simple, curated and well chosen pieces. Indoor plants and pictures of plants work well in the living room as they evoke tranquillity and calm. Avoid images that exude a sense of struggle, consequently altering the ambience and mood within the room.

This gorgeous example above demonstrates how this can be done, adding class and a quirky sense of style.

3. Look at the different living room zones

living room feng shui

via bungalow5

When designing or remodelling a room with feng shui principles, there are four different zones. These are north, south, east and west. Each zone has different requirements, governing different aesthetics and desires. For example, in the north side of the living room, it is recommended you avoid black and blue colours, while a television in this space attracts luck. Here are just a few others:


  • Use hues of red, pink, orange and green, while combinations of these work well too.
  • Add candles and earthy accessories such as timber furniture or ornaments.


  • Hang picture frames, in addition to placing standalone lamps and bookshelves.
  • Add indoor plants to attract health and prosperity.


  • In the west region of the room add metal objects such as trays or perhaps a bar trolley.
  • Utilise hues of blue, grey, gold and bronze. Metallic shades work well here.

Do you like the room above? Check it out here.

4. Ensure the room is light, bright and airy

living room feng shui

via a&h Architecture

Much like this room, your space should be light and bright, evoking a sense of purity and peacefulness. Add open windows, sheer curtains and light wall colours to invite natural illumination within the room.

5. Consider your accessories and additions

Living room feng shui

via Memorable Decor

Accessories are a vital part of living room feng shui and should be considered with care. This is a good example of a room with a smartly curated collection of accessories. In addition, you may want to consider a bow of crystals, coins and wealth symbols on your coffee table. Water features also work in a beautiful and subtle way, imparting a tranquil serenity, in addition to inviting in opportunities.

Are you ready to overhaul your living room feng shui? Leave us a comment below with your progress!

If you’d like more, stay tuned next week when we look at some more fab remodelling tips and tricks. 

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