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A Heritage Apartment Undergoes a Magical Update

January 16, 2017
Heritage Apartment

A classic heritage apartment is like a fine wine – it ages beautifully over time. Not only that, but heritage homes add to the rich architectural tapestry of a city, infusing character, charm and grace.

Last week we took a peek inside a tiny apartment in Rome, while today’s contest takes us to a larger 100 square metre heritage apartment that requires a revamp, refresh and rejuvenation. After receiving a whopping 40 submissions, the top three have been selected, and they’re truly a feast for the eyes!

Seeking a revised layout with a clear division of space, finishes and furnishings, the owner of this home offered a truly unique opportunity to ‘start fresh’ with the apartment essentially a blank canvas for our designers to create and explore.

Would you like to check out the results? Read on below to find out more…

The classic and sophisticated building

Heritage Apartment

Before we start our tour of the new designs, we’re taking a quick peek at the exterior of the home. Classically designed with traditional features, this property has fallen into a state of disrepair, and will undergo a range of renovations to bring it back to a state of sophistication and beauty.

The only brief received stipulated that the following be included in the final residence:

  • A large dining room, kitchen and large living room.
  • A master bedroom with en suite.
  • 2 bedrooms. One of these should be able to be utilised as a studio/workspace.
  • Another bathroom, in addition to a small laundry/bathroom if possible.

An updated layout and floor plan

Heritage Apartment

Our winning submission today comes from the talented team at DNA Group. In the first image we’ll take a look at, we see the revised floor plan, in addition to the overall shape and form of the apartment.

Here we’re able to check out the large open plan living and dining space, along with the two bedrooms, plus extra studio space with sofa bed. The master bedroom is gorgeously large, boasting built-in wardrobes and a private en suite too!

Let’s see what this design looks like inside…

The fabulously light interior

Heritage Apartment

Fabulously light, modern and chic, the interior certainly doesn’t disappoint! A timber veneer kitchen stands out within the room, offering a useful breakfast bar, and eye-catching green glass backsplash.

Additionally, you’re able to glimpse the way the heritage apartment has been preserved, with its large windows bringing in natural illumination, and the wall panelling gorgeously restored.

Perfect sleeping quarters

Heritage Apartment

Do you like this bedroom? We adore this design, which imparts a Zen-like aesthetic within the space. Offering a large timber entrance to the walk-in robe, along with attention-grabbing light fittings, this is certainly an unforgettable room.

Additionally, we see that the designers have opted for a clear glass door to the en suite, ensuring ample illumination is able to enter the room, keeping it light, bright and airy.

Sumptuous bathing

heritage apartment

As if the bedroom couldn’t get any better, we detour a little to take a quick peek inside the en suite. Retaining the Japanese influence, this wash space employs a timber platform for the bathtub, as well as minimalist fittings and fixtures.

The white colour scheme evokes a sense of cleanliness and purity, consequently imparting an essence of serene tranquillity.

For something a little different

heritage apartment

If the above design was a little too modern for your tastes, then take a peek inside this next example. Here the designers have opted to include a more traditional aesthetic, embracing the apartment’s history and heritage.

In the top left of the image you’ll be able to see the floor plan for this particular room. Set up slightly different from the aforementioned layout, this arrangement adds the kitchen to the back wall, with a round dining table for eating and hosting dinners.

The colour scheme is subdued with plenty of pastel tones, and avoids bold hues to keep the interior welcoming, warm and classic.

Characterful and charming

heritage apartment

The studio room is decorated with a slightly more modern aesthetic. Once again you can see the layout in the segmented floor plan above. Here a sofa bed is included to offer additional sleeping spaces for guests or visitors, while the study is neat and organised. Do you like this home office? What would you include, add or change to ensure it suits your needs?

A final option for this heritage apartment

heritage apartment

Last, but certainly not least, we head inside the final submission, designed by Francesca Guidetti. Do you like the spaciousness within this living room? This interior boasts an open roominess that evokes a feeling of refinement and grace. Elegant and classic, the room offers parquet flooring, contemporary furniture, while retaining a sense of liveability.

Chic open spaces and a touch of retro class

heritage apartment

What do you think of this room? To combat a feeling of coldness within the room, the designers have opted to include an open fireplace that sits just opposite the dining room. High ceilings add a sense of majesty within, while the mid-century modern furniture boosts the home’s attitude and enduring ambience.

Would you like to live here? Let us know your thoughts and favourite submission in the comments below. 

Want mote? Stay tuned next Monday, when we check out another fab feature contest, and peek inside a classic home. 

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