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Smile and Wave DIY: Today’s Feature Blog

January 19, 2017
smile and wave diy

Welcome back CoContesters! Today we have another interesting DIY-focused feature blogger that is sure to get you thinking about your home design and setup…

Last week we focused our attention at Color me Quirky, while today we’ll be checking out the stylista and design aficionado, Smile and Wave DIY. Whether your a DIY amateur or expert, this blog will have something for you. With a range of easy to follow tutorials, elegant interior designs and creative projects, we’re sure there will be something to tickle your fancy. Ready to take a look? Find out more about this blog below, and perhaps glean a few tips and tricks to update your home today!

The face behind Smile and Wave DIY

smile and wave diy

via S&W DIY

With a decade of blogging experience up her sleeve, it’s no wonder Rachel Denbow is a design force to be reckoned with! Situated in the Midwest, Rachel and her family of five (plus one dog) live in a gorgeous timber-floor abode, which features heavily in some of the room reveals and DIY project settings.

Smile and Wave DIY is a lifestyle blog and a way for Rachel to share her love of design, DIY, and family moments. With a background in teaching, blogging, writing and hospitality, Rachel brings her myriad skills to the website and ensures each post is inventive, stylish and exciting. A creative soul with plenty of innovative ideas and domestic solutions, Smile and Wave DIY is certainly one not to miss!

Want to learn more about Rachel and her blog? Head over here and keep reading.

Fabulous DIY projects to keep you busy

smile and wave diy

via S&W DIY

Is your home looking dull? Does it need a refresh? If the answer is yes then you’ve come to the right place! Smile and Wave DIY is replete with a host of great ideas, while showing you how to produce them easily. With a range of different designs, in addition to plenty of styles, we’re sure you’ll find something you like. If the above setup gets your design juices flowing, you can check it out here!

Home tours and room makeovers

smile and wave diy

via S&W DIY

If there is one thing we really enjoy, it’s seeing a room transformed from dull to delightful. The blog is filled with gorgeous ideas, while providing plenty of tips and tricks for beginners.

This kids’ shared room is a great example of how Rachel manages to give a space a new lease on life. In addition, the designs manage to feel unique without losing aspects of the home’s personality.

Stylish furniture tutorials and ideas

smile and wave diy

via S&W DIY

One of my personal favourites is this woven leather bench, which takes practicality and style to the next level. Wonderfully replete with a sense of style and pizzazz, this tutorial offers an easy solution for those who want high quality furniture without the high price tag.

Paired with chic interior touches such as weavings, throw cushions and indoor plants this setup is sure to impress and delight.

Staying up to date with your DIY projects…

Do you like to stay up to date? If the answer is yes, then you’re going to want to follow Smile and Wave DIY on Instagram. Offering daily inspiration and plenty of gorgeous interior designs to keep you swooning, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this curated collection of images. We took a particular liking to this desk setup that offers a DIY desk, in addition to a range of enviable homewares.

Did you enjoy Smile and Wave DIY? Leave us a comment below and start a conversation!

If you’d like more design inspiration, in addition to plenty of stylish imagery, stay tuned next Thursday when we check out another feature blogger.

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