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Apartment Remodelling? 8 Essentials to Consider

January 21, 2017
apartment remodelling

Apartment remodelling can be a challenging and tricky task. With so many different considerations, concepts and notions, finding the right setup often feels like getting lost in an endless labyrinth of choices, challenges and constraints.

If you need a helping hand you’ve come to the right place! Last week we checked out how to feng shui your living room, while today we’ll be looking at some of the ins and outs of apartment remodelling. Are you planning an apartment renovation? Or maybe you are considering a total refurbishment of an area in your abode? Read on here and learn more about what you should, and shouldn’t do when refurbishing a new or existing home…

1. Your essentials and ‘must-haves’

apartment remodelling

via a&h Architecture

Do you want a kitchen like the one above? Before you begin, you should think about what you simply must have in your remodelled abode. Part of the benefit of apartment remodelling, is being able to create something that suits your exact specifications. Write a list, add to it when you think of something new, and ensure you have a good idea of what you need and what you do not require.

2. Any space restrictions?

apartment remodelling

via A Little Design

Are you working with a micro-home like this Taipei home above? Space restrictions are frustrating and can alter your desired plans. However, for the most part, spatial limitations can be sidestepped with the right plan and idea. An architect will help you with this, as they often see options that you might not.

3. What is your budget

apartment remodelling

via TG Studio

Sure we might want a huge apartment like the one above…but chances are we are limited by one thing: money. One of the most crucial elements in your remodel will be the budget. Consider the following:

  • How much you have to comfortably spend.
  • How much you can extend your budget if needed.
  • What you have set aside as a contingency.

The budget will impact your apartment remodelling plans, consequently indicating what you can and cannot do to you home. Speak to a bank, accountant or financial planner to get a good idea of how much you can comfortably set aside for your remodel.

4. Local council and government considerations

apartment remodelling

via Amie Corley

Do you want a bright and gorgeously individual apartment like this example? Some councils and local governments will stipulate what can and cannot be done to your property. If you reside in a heritage listed abode, you may find that you need to stick to certain external colours and hues, while inside you might be limited by structural walls. Check with a professional to avoid making mistakes!

5. Apartment remodelling: The ‘5-year rule’

apartment remodelling

via Residents Understood

Are you planning on staying in your home for 5 years or longer? If you intend to sell your dwelling within this period you should avoid spending huge amounts of money on high-end appliances, fittings and fixtures. Don’t worry too much about making your property too personalised, keep it simple as you might be leaving it in only a few years. Conversely, if you do intend to stick it out for the long term, get creative and add a unique, individualised aesthetic.

Like the home above? Check it out here.

6. The two big ones: kitchen and bathroom

apartment remodelling

via Ikea

The two big projects within a home are often the kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom is the most popular space to refurbish, while the kitchen follows a close second. As these are crucial spots within an abode, it is essential you give them the time of day. Additionally, a relatively easy kitchen remodel can yield huge returns if you do intend to sell, while a remodelled bathroom will unquestionably appeal to potential homebuyers.

7. Your home’s occupants

apartment remodelling

via Misura Emme

As well as planning your home around your desired attributes, you also need to consider who will be using the space. Are you a young couple with a growing family, or one on the way? Or perhaps you are a larger family who will required inclusive spaces for teenagers or young adults? Maybe you’re single, and would like to include space to work at home? Whatever the scenario, it’s important to think about the current occupants, and any potential additions or changes.

8. Getting expert assistance

apartment remodelling

DNA Group via CoContest

There are some things that you simply cannot do on your own. Electrical and plumbing are two obvious scenarios where an expert will be required. Additionally, it can help to enlist the assistance of an architect or designer to actually get your project off the ground. CoContest offers a range of professionals that can offer floor plans, interior design ideas and more – check it out here.

Are you feeling confident and ready to tackle your renovation? Stay tuned for more tips, tricks and ideas next week on CoContest!

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