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3 Apartments Receive Fabulous Facelifts

January 23, 2017

Situated in a dream location overlooking Lake Garda in Verona, today’s feature contest is sure to give you a severe case of wanderlust!

With such a fabulous location, the owners of this property have decided to update and renovate to provide 3 apartments with individual accommodation. Focusing on sustainability, the new design will boast solar energy, along with a wind turbine for additional electricity if possible.

The building will be converted into 3 apartments that all come replete with views of the lake. Currently the structure is employed as a single house with 2 separate apartments, and a third unfinished abode. Situated on a steep plot, the surrounding land offers panoramic views of the lake, while a small valley sits to the south. Are you ready to see what our designers have come up with? Read on below and be inspired!

The existing structure

3 Apartments

As we can see from this image, the house is offered incredibly picturesque scenes from the balconies, but is in need of an update. The current structure offers unimpeded views and is positioned idyllically in the side of the hill, we can’t wait to see the potential this property has…

The 3 apartments

3 Apartments

Next up we check out one of the three apartments that has been redesigned by architect Francesca Guidetti. This is the ground floor apartment, and makes the most of its situation with large open outdoor terraces, which allow for a fabulous entertaining space. As requested by the owners, each of the 3 apartments needed the following:

  • A modern bathroom.
  • A guest bathroom or closet.
  • Two double bedrooms.
  • Living room with kitchen.
  • A fireplace if possible, in addition to a modern style with industrial hints and comfy aesthetics.

Let’s take a peek inside…

The modern kitchen and breakfast bar

3 Apartments

Inside this design we check out the kitchen and breakfast bar. Each of the 3 apartments boast all of the above requirements, while satisfying the owners desire for a modern and welcoming interior. Do you like the use of modern timber veneer for the kitchen? We think this design works particularly well, and can’t wait to see what else is in store!

Gorgeous new outdoor spaces with incredible views

3 Apartments

Outside the house is drastically revitalised with large pieces of glass that provide striking views to the surrounding landscape.

Would you like to relax and unwind here? We know we would! In this image the terrace offers a place for one to sit and take in the sun, while feeling like the ideal space for a stylish event or occasion.

The sumptuous bedroom

3 Apartments

Wow! What do you think of this impressive space? Within the main bedroom we see that luxury is definitely not an afterthought, with a freestanding tub offering an opulent ambience, flanked by spectacular views.

Glazing is utilised extensively, while a bright white colour scheme keeps things feeling light, bright and airy.

A revised layout

3 Apartments

Designed by Arlene, this next image gives us a little more background regarding the shape and size of the plot. Here we’re able to glimpse the original existing building (number 1), while the new structures are clearly outlined as well. Do you think this layout works well for the land, or would you have done things differently?

Large open plan spaces

3 Apartments

Like what you see? The artistic impression of the interior of one of the apartments is truly unique and inspiring. Modern furniture is employed throughout, while the desired fireplace is seen in the corner, warming the dining setting.

In addition to feeling modern, the designers have also included an industrial aesthetic, consequently adding an edginess to the already impressive design.

The updated facade and improvements

3 Apartments

Would you like to take a holiday here? Coming to the end of the tour, we take a peek at the work of designer Daniele Campolungo. In the next two images we see how the architects have worked with the exterior space. This has stylishly rejuvenated the facade and fascia of the existing building.

Taking a look directly at the structure, it’s easy to see the improvements. A large outdoor entertaining space was added, in addition to the striking swimming pool and fire pit.

The new facade was rendered in a grey and white stucco, imparting an industrial aesthetic, while modernising the house seamlessly.

Making the most of the space

3 Apartments

What do you think of this bird’s eye view? Lastly, we check out an overhead view of the dwelling. As the house is situated on a sloping block, the architects employed graded gardens to combat the sloping topography. Stone walls look stylishly in-keeping, while the lush green grass is perfect for warm summer days. We also see the secondary swimming area, with an infinity finish that exudes opulence.

Did you enjoy taking this tour? Stay tuned for another fab feature next week!

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