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Home Office Remodels: 5 Handy Tips

January 28, 2017
home office remodels

With individuals seeking a better work-life balance, home offices have become a domestic essential and must-have. Your workspace should feel open, usable and inviting, and we’re here to show you how! Read on below to learn more…

Hi there folks, and welcome back to another round of remodelling tips and tricks. Last week we took a look at general apartment remodelling, while today we’ll check out some home office remodels and 5 handy tips you need to know. If your residential study, workspace or office is a little shabby, you’ll find some helpful hints below. Additionally, if you’re preparing a space from scratch, these tips can get you off to the right start, while ensuring your new area is practical and efficient. Ready to begin? Check out more here on CoContest…

1. Make it ergonomic and comfortable

home office remodels

via Moma

Your home office needs to be comfortable, cosy, ergonomic and welcoming. Whether you’re using the space for a couple of hours in the morning or evening, or for an entire day, there are plenty of additions that will make a huge difference to the overall ambience and atmosphere.

As your desk and seat are the most important pieces of furniture in your room you should take care and consideration when choosing them. Home office remodels can be tricky, but adding good quality furniture will boost your room’s suitability and efficiency. Add a comfortable chair, ergonomic if possible, in addition to a functional desk in the largest size possible.

Like the room above? Check it out here.

2. Keep it simple

home office remodels

via Immi and Andi

Sure we’d all like to fill our new home offices with decorative accessories, luxury stationary and family photos, but one of the most important things to do is to keep it simple. Avoid over adding items, and instead ensure you opt for a simple yet engaging aesthetic.

Take some cues from the example above and opt for a Scandinavian scheme. Nordic design favours interiors that are functional yet pared-back, comfortable and light in colour. Pick a simple table, elegant accessories and plenty of cosy textiles.

3. Add artwork and inspirational accessories

home office remodels

via Decorology

The one great thing about having a home office is that you’re able to include characterful personalisations that suit your dwelling. In this neat workspace above the designers have opted to include a dark wall, paired with interesting artwork and photography. Inspiring and engaging, this large desk is clean and clear, yet comes replete with just the right amount of accessories.

4. Carefully consider where you add your office

home office remodels

via Alvhem

Depending on the size of your home, you’ll probably have to think fairly carefully about where you place your workspace. If you live in a large dwelling, you might have a separate room for your study. However, if you reside in a compact abode or apartment, you might have to find a spare corner to situate your office space. Consider adding your workspace within the following rooms:

  • Within a cupboard. It might sound crazy, but a large cupboard can be converted to hold a desk and workspace, while allowing it to be closed when not needed.
  • Formal reception rooms. If your dwelling boasts formal rooms that aren’t commonly used they could easily double as a home office.
  • Your bedroom. Much like the room above, of the most common areas to keep a small desk is within a sleeping space. This can be tricky if your room is small, consequently causing a cloistered ambience and aesthetic. Keep things simple and opt for less accessories, and a clutter free desk.

5. Home office remodels require organised spaces!

home office remodels

via Elizabeth Heier

This probably sounds obvious, but ensuring your home office is organised is one of the most important things to consider. Sure, when you’re at the office you probably have a system of filing, cupboards and drawers, but at home this can be a whole different story altogether. Follow the lead of the well-organised office above and implement a system of folders and boxes. Add shelving if you can, along with cabinets that can assist in keeping everything minimal and out of sight.

Are you ready to create your ultimate home office? We’d love to hear your thoughts below…

And stay tuned for more next week, when we feature some more handy remodelling tips.

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