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A Dull Apartment in Rome is Totally Revitalised

January 30, 2017
dull apartment

Known as the Eternal City, Rome is a sprawling, vibrant melting pot with nearly 3000 years of art, architect and culture. Today’s feature contest takes us to the heart of Italy’s capital, where we’ll check out a truly wonderful apartment revitalisation and refresh.

Last week we took a peek inside 3 wonderful apartments on the edge of Lake Garda, while today we’re heading to Monteverde, situated in central Rome. Located on the first floor of an older building, this dull apartment is in desperate need of an overhaul and refresh. With high ceilings and a large floor plan, there are plenty of options and potential for this timeless abode. Would you like to see what our designers and architects have submitted? Check out the 3 winning designs below…

Before: the existing apartment…

dull apartment

A previously dull apartment with dreary interior decor, this image gives us a good idea about the state of the home pre-renovation or refurbishment.

The owner of the home requested a modern design, along with some or all of the following:

  • False ceilings in the living areas. This adds an indirect light within the rooms, softening the overall ambience.
  • A bedroom with en suite and dressing room, in addition to access to the second exterior terrace.
  • A guest room and home office.
  • An additional bathroom for the apartment.
  • A utility room and secondary bathroom.
  • Open plan living spaces, with a kitchen and an entrance with room for coats and accessories.

The new living and dining room

dull apartment

The winning submission from Mandorle Design takes this apartment’s decor and design to the next level! Do you like the neutral colour scheme with eye-catching contrasts? Parquet flooring adds a sleek aesthetic, while being paired with modern furniture that assists in creating a chic yet timeless ambience.

Clear screens were added to provide an open atmosphere between the kitchen, in addition to plenty of storage added to the other adjacent walls.

The attention-grabbing studio

dull apartment

As you can see from the small plan on the right of the image, the apartment features three large rooms. This visual shows us the studio, with space for living and accommodating guests as well.

A feature wall boasts an engaging motif, while the desk is large enough to host visitors – ideal for those utilising the room professionally.

An interesting and unique layout

dull apartment

What do you think of this colour coded floor plan? This design by Arch 2P shows us the general layout of the revitalised apartment, along with the large terraces and balcony.

The new setup is decked out with three bathrooms, an open kitchen, studio with sofa bed, as well as a large bedroom with en suite and walk in robe.

From dull apartment to sophisticated residence

dull apartment

Inside this design we see the sophisticated living room, with plenty of eye-catching accessories and interesting wall decor. Do you like the monochromatic colour scheme? The designers have included a gallery wall in a black and white palette that adds a seriously chic feature wall. If you’re considering an attention-grabbing aesthetic in your abode, a salon style wall definitely imparts a trendy ambience.

The open plan, well-structured layout

dull apartment

Turning around to take a peek at the rest of the room we see the curved walls that ensure the layout feels open plan and spacious. Wall-mounted bookshelves add storage to the room, while the television is also wall-mounted to avoid the need for an entertainment system.

Engaging spaces with alluring hues and vivid decor

dull apartment

Our last submission was designed by Ornella Vaudo. Here we see a similar floor plan to the first setup and layout. Within the large living room the furniture is sumptuous and welcoming. A muted colour scheme employs a warm aura and ambience within the space. Additionally timber cladding contributes a friendly vibe to the largest room in the home.

The sumptuous bedroom

dull apartment

What was once a dull apartment is now totally refreshed! The large master bedroom boasts a large walk-in robe, along with an en suite and serene colour palette. Eye-catching features such as the suspended light fitting ensure the room is engaging and individual, while adding originality and personality.

Did you enjoy checking out the before and after photos of this abode? Let us know what you thought in the comments below…

And stay tuned for another fabulous feature abode next Monday!

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