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Fresh Crush: Today’s Feature Blog

February 2, 2017
fresh crush

With a title like Fresh Crush, today’s feature is certainly an enticing and intriguing read. Boasting plenty of alluring interiors, wonderful design inspiration and exciting ideas, we bet you’re going to enjoy this fab feature blogger!

Evoking an array of images, Fresh Crush entices us with its title, but even more so with its gorgeous imagery and swoon-worthy DIY projects. Last week we took a peek at Simply Grove, while today we’ll be checking out Jen and her noteworthy collection of blog posts, printables and more!

If you’re hoping to grab a little design advice then you’ve come to the right place. Fresh Crush offers a small something for everyone, and enlightens our decorating repertoire with a host of ideas, tips and helpful hints. Are you ready folks? Read on below and learn more!

A little about Jen

fresh crush

via FC

This is Jen, master and creator behind Fresh Crush. With a penchant for everything fresh (Fresh laundry, fresh ideas, fresh paint and fresh perspectives) she has curated her passion into a concise and enjoyable blog. Boasting a self-confessed addiction to creating, making and inventing, Jen is definitely someone you’re going to want to have on your design radar. Between spending time with her husband, daughter and cat, she paints, sands and alters furniture to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Sound like your cup of tea? You can learn more about Fresh Crush and Jen over here, in addition to checking out more of her blog.

Plenty of stylish DIY projects to copy

fresh crush

via FC

We just adored this spectacular timber headboard, which according to the blog isn’t too hard to create at all! If you’re looking for some weekend projects, or simply something to keep you busy over winter, then the DIY section of Fresh Crush is sure to impress. Create this bed accessory in a range of different hues, consequently matching your desired interior decor and setup.

Tips, tricks and hints for everyone…

fresh crush

via FC

Have you ever wondered how to hang wallpaper in your home? Fresh Crush boasts an array of handy hints and tips that will make your life easier. Try your hand at something new, update your home and improve your living space.

This all-white bathroom has gone from stylish yet bland to totally eye-catching thanks to the addition of wallpaper. If you’re planning some domestic refurbishments or additions, this blog is your one-stop-shop.

Something for free!

fresh crush

via FC

Who doesn’t like getting something for nothing? Sure, it might sound too good to be true, but subscribing to Fresh Crush means you’ll get your fair share of free gear in the form of very cool printables.

Thanks to the rather harsh winter, and our consequent vitamin D deficiency, we thought the one above would be most suitable for our home. What do you think?

Stay updated with Fresh Crush Instagram…

Would you like to stay updated with Jen and her blog? It’s easy with her Instagram account. Featuring Fresh Crush inspiration, as well as plenty of stylish ideas from other designers, this is definitely going to keep you busy on that cold and uninviting winter’s day!

What did you think of Fresh Crush? We’d love to hear your thoughts below…

And stay tuned for another feature blogger next Thursday on CoContest!

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