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Balcony Design Ideas: Remodelling Tips

February 4, 2017
balcony design ideas

Your balcony is a wonderful multi-purpose space that lets you escape from the confines of four walls, soak up a little sun and breathe a bit of fresh air.

Hi there folks, and welcome back to another session of remodelling tips and tricks. Last week we looked at how to create a functional home office, while today we’ll check out some neat balcony design ideas and inspiration. As we’re in the first week of February, we thought it might be a good idea to take a look at what you can do with your outdoor space.

If you’re looking for a little update, refresh or rejuvenation you’ve come to the right place! Sure this may seem a little preemptive, but if you start planning your new design or decor now, you’ll be in fine stead for the coming summer.

Work with textiles

balcony design ideas

Annette O’Brien via Adore Mag

Do you like this Australian balcony? Textiles immediately improve a balcony space, and with the range of impressive options on the market today, there is no reason not to adorn your furniture with gorgeously sumptuous additions. As we see in the terrace above, the designers have chosen to include an outdoor rug, upholstered furniture, and plenty of other chic accessories and accoutrements.

Make it seasonally appropriate

balcony design ideas

via Draumesidene

Just because you live in northern Finland, doesn’t mean you can’t too enjoy your outdoor space. Does this design get your creative juices flowing? We love this balcony‘s rustic aesthetic, with plenty of wintry hues and raw textiles.

If you want to enjoy your outdoor area in the cooler months be sure to employ plenty of warm fabrics, amber lighting, hot drinks and (of course) a patio fire or heater.

Balcony design ideas require a little creativity

balcony design ideas

via Tinselhouse

Do you like the way the designers have included string lights above this balcony? Get creative and employ some forward thinking ideas that will also look wonderfully stylish. These strings of bulbs are cute, budget-friendly and perfect for entertaining outside.

Stay warm!

balcony design ideas via Style Motivation

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s a good idea to design a balcony that suits your particular space and climate. If you want to utilise your area during the colder months…or if you live in eternally chilly climes, a fireplace could be a good idea.

Much like this example above, you can impart practicality and style with a simple and efficient open fire.

Do you have a large space? Create living zones…

balcony design ideas

via MIG design

Balcony design ideas can be tricky if you have a huge space to contend with. In this Södermalm-situated apartment, we see that the designers have worked with different zones to employ a sense of usability and practicality.

On the one hand there is an open living space, while a dining area with barbecue is located adjacent. Sophisticated and liveable, this setup ticks all the boxes!

Want to check out the whole home? Head over here.

Embrace warm luxurious tones and shades

balcony design ideas

via Historical Concepts

Our last balcony-cum-terrace is probably the most luxurious. Replete with a range of impressive earthy tones, this is the ultimate indoor/outdoor space. A huge fireplace keeps things warm during winter, while the curtains can be closed to protect the area from sun during the hotter days.

Like what you see? If you’d like to check out this incredible home in its entirety head over here.

Did you manage to glean a few tips or tricks from these beautiful balconies? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

And stay tuned next Saturday, when we bring you some more fabulous decorating ideas and advice…

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