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Paradise on Earth: A Lovely Refit of a Seaside Villa

February 6, 2017
paradise on earth

A seaside getaway is the ultimate in luxury and opulent living. Whether it’s a modest micro home or a lavish villa, the ability to escape a hectic city life is priceless.

Last week we took a look at an apartment renovation in Rome, while today we’ll be heading to the seaside to visit a villa that is in need of a refit and refresh. Unquestionably paradise on earth, this property features plenty of space for the whole family, as well as large exterior spaces to entertain or relax.

This contest has certainly allowed our designers to shine, with plenty of impressive and alluring options we’re sure you’ll love. Get ready for a little envy folks, as you check out a beautifully refurnished and renovated abode below…

The original interior

paradise on earth

What do you think of this kitchen, dining and living room? The original interior is certainly nothing to write home about. Dull, boring and rather outdated, this space is in desperate need of a lovingly inspired refresh.

Although the colour scheme is predominately white, we notice that the space feels cloistered and crowded, with a lack of natural light.

A dull and dowdy bedroom

paradise on earth

Inside the first bedroom, the design is not much better. Do you think this looks like paradise on earth? Nope, neither do we. With a bed that’s uninviting, a colour scheme that does nothing to enhance the overall ambience and a crowded atmosphere, this room is in desperate need of a revitalisation.

The layout and floor plan

paradise on earth

Today’s winning submission comes from Ornella Vaudo, and is rich in potential and possibility. To give you a better idea of the layout of this villa, we’ve selected the revised floor plan that will accurately describe exactly what is intended for the property.

The ground floor now boasts a large master suite with walk-in robe and en suite, while the upstairs contains two double bedrooms, a bathroom and utility space.

Downstairs the large terrace has also been reconfigured to provide a dining area, sunbathing space and comfy relaxation zone. Do you want to take a peek inside? Let’s check it out…

A refreshed living room

paradise on earth

Wow! Now this is better. The new interior space has been reconfigured to employ an open plan aesthetic. Do you like the way the dining room is within the cooking space? This allows a sense of inclusion and unity, while also saving space for the living area. But what about the furniture choices and options? Take a peek at some of them below…

Some furniture options for the upstairs bedrooms

paradise on earth

This image shows us the furniture choices from the designer. Moderately priced with an emphasis on light modernity, these examples are perfect for creating a welcoming, warm and inviting space. Do you fancy any of these ideas?

Another possibility…for this paradise on earth!

paradise on earth

Our second place submission is by Elizaveta Movchan, and provides a gorgeous alternative to the previous design. A different layout has been employed within this room, with the kitchen against an adjacent wall, yet still boasting the central dining space.

Timber floors work beautifully, and ensure the interior remains modern yet inviting. What do you think; do you like this design with its contemporary aesthetics and timeless ambience?

Gorgeously romantic and sumptuous sleeping quarters

paradise on earth

Do you recognise the bedroom from the original image? We certainly don’t! The design is expanded and enhanced through the use of paint and decorative adornments. The room is now quite welcoming, and includes the same alluring timber seen downstairs in the kitchen and living area.

Let’s not forget the exterior!

paradise on earth

Let’s not forget the exterior and outdoor terrace area. This perfect space is ideal for entertaining, and includes contemporary furniture that is versatile, functional and usable. The overall ambience is one of peacefulness and whimsy, with casual yet sumptuous accessories. Would you like to hang out here in summer? We know we would!

Light and bright interior spaces made easy

paradise on earth

Finally we arrive at our third submission by Mihajlo Ivkovski. Sticking with a similar format of the original setup, this refitted space breathes new life into the previously dark and uninviting home. Exposed stone cladding ensure the area feels welcoming and rustic, while the furnishings are rather opulent, boosting the villa’s sense of importance.

With plenty of room to entertain

paradise on earth

Once again, we decide to head outside to check out the large and expansive terrace area. This setup is slightly more formal than the previously viewed one, with a dining space and sofa that are ideal for entertaining. The suspended chair is a gorgeous touch, which works beautifully against the green window shutters and sensuous feeling of relaxation.

Did you think of these updated and refreshed design were paradise on earth? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

And stay tuned next Monday folks, when we bring you another feature context!

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