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Home De-cluttering: 6 Essential Tips

February 11, 2017
home de-cluttering

Clutter is the bane of all homeowners – not only does it destroy all of your hard work decorating, but it also causes stress and even contributes detrimentally to your health.

Luckily CoContesters, we’re here to help! Is your home looking a little worse for wear? Do your rooms resemble a state of organised chaos? If either of these things ring true, then it might be time to de-clutter and improve your dwelling. Last week we checked out some balcony design ideas, while today we’ll be taking a peek at home de-cluttering, and what you can do to improve your abode’s organisation.

Are you ready to begin? We’ve collated 6 essential steps that you need to know!

1. Make a list and pick your battles

home de-cluttering

via Nyde

Do you like the look of this minimal, clean and sleek residence? Home de-cluttering is not only a difficult task, it can be an emotional one too. Getting rid of items you’ve had around the house is completely refreshing, but it can also bring up plenty of emotions too. You might have old clothes from an ex, or perhaps something that reminds you of a friend who moved away. All of these feelings are totally valid, but shouldn’t get in the way of your de-cluttering – after all, a clean slate can help you feel freer to build new memories and experiences.

Making a list is the best way to tackle your home, and this applies to those who reside in a compact home as well as a larger abode. Pick your battles, in addition to tackling each room in a logical considered manner. Don’t try to attack every room all at once, or you run the risk of creating even more mess! Set aside a day for each interior space and take your time, ensuring the job is done right.

2. The ‘buy one – toss one’ rule

home de-cluttering

via Vintage Revivals

What do you think of this clean and uncomplicated bedroom? If you would like to replicate this in your home, implement the ‘buy one – toss one’ rule. This essentially involves throwing away or donating a new item in your home for every new one you purchase. Bought a new jacket? Grab an item from your robe and send it off to your local charity shop. This will ensure your dwelling remains minimal and chic.

3. Focus on your wardrobe

home de-cluttering

via TSK

Your wardrobe is definitely one of the toughest spaces to de-clutter, and also one of the ones that will accumulate the most junk. Dedicate an entire day or even week to de-cluttering your robe and you’ll be pleased with the results.

If you want a dressing room that looks like the one above, you need to ensure you only keep exactly what you need. Try this neat trick: hang your clothes back to front on the hanger, and each time you use something, hang it around the right way. At the end of the month, see which items are still backwards and send them straight off to your local charity shop or vintage store.

4. Set a home de-cluttering routine

home de-cluttering

via Apartment Therapy

Bad habits surrounding clutter are formed far easier than those that keep your home clean. However, it’s not impossible to implement some new routines into your daily life. Pick out your bad habits and ensure you notice them when they happen.

Try to dedicate half a day each week to ensuring your home de-cluttering is in tip top shape, with you minimal aesthetic taking precedent over mess. Once your home is suitably de-cluttered, you can probably reduce your weekly audit to a simple 30 minute clean – keeping everything neat, tidy and orderly. In no time your home will be looking as de-cluttered as the one above!

5. Audit your bathroom regularly

home de-cluttering

via HGTV

As well as your robe, the bathroom is a space that requires a good and thorough clean regularly. Bathrooms are notorious for collecting junk, mess and clutter. Whether it is expired medications, old lotions, hair pins or simply old makeup, the bathroom is easily a clutter creator!

If you want your bathroom to look as clean and neat as the one above, ensure you audit your bathroom cabinets, cupboards and drawers regularly, while keeping everything organised and clutter free.

6. Be brutal!

home de-cluttering

via Emily Henderson

Our last tip is to be brutal! In order to sufficiently de-clutter your home, you’re going to need to say goodbye to some things you think you need. Of course, you should always retain anything with significant memories attached, but everything else should go. Broken crockery, utensils that no longer work and faulty appliances should be tossed out, in addition to anything else that doesn’t offer a primary function to your space.

Like what you see in the above living room? Check it out in its entirety here.

Are you ready to clutter bust your abode? Let us know if you have any other tips or tricks in the comments below!

And stay tuned next Saturday, when we bring you more remodelling ideas and domestic inspiration!

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