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2 Spectacular Apartments Created from 1 Flat

February 13, 2017
2 spectacular apartments

What do you do when you have a huge 220 square metre apartment? Split it into two of course! This home has been wonderfully divided to provide an array of quality living for two very different clients…

Welcome back CoContesters to another round of fabulous feature contest content! Although this might sound like a tongue twister, today we’re going to be taking a peek at 2 spectacular apartments that are sure to get your decorating and design juices flowing.

Last week we took a gander at a refit of a seaside villa, while today we’ll be checking out a 200 square metre apartment that is to be split into two. The first apartment needs to accommodate a family of four, while the other needs to suit a couple with a full time housekeeper.

Each individual apartment that is created has its own separate array of requirements, each designed to create a modern, 21st century living environment for its occupants.

If you’d like to read about each specific request, you can check out the original contest and its details here.

When 1 flat becomes 2 spectacular apartments…

2 spectacular apartments

The new layout and floor plan shows us exactly how large the existing property really was! 2 spectacular apartments have been created, offering an increase in value and usability. Huge and full of potential, the two new apartments cater specifically to the two different pairs, and work excellently to provide comfortable and chic living spaces.

Designed by Y Design, and winning the submissions today, this setup is wonderfully considered with a great attention to detail. As you can see the new apartment on the left is for the couple and their live-in housekeeper. This boasts a large master suite, en suite, huge kitchen, small bedroom for the housekeeper and another bathroom. On the right we see the larger apartment that fits the family of four. Incredibly well thought out, this design ticks all the boxes!

Which do you like – the family dwelling, or the chic couple’s pad?

The stylish new living room

2 spectacular apartments

Of the 2 spectacular apartments, this image focuses on the family dwelling, while showing us it’s chic and sleek aesthetic. Classic yet modern, the style is timeless and perfect for both entertaining guests and relaxing for some quiet family time.

Do you like the crisp white colour scheme? The decorators have decided on a clean array of hues to ensure the dwelling remains an enduring and age-defiant design.

A magical master suite

2 spectacular apartments

Would you like to sleep here? One of our favourite rooms, this master suite is seriously tranquil, boasting a sense of peacefulness and calm within. The neutral hues work well with the rest of the home’s interior, adding yet again a timeless and enduring ambience.

Something a little different

2 spectacular apartments

Do you think this room would suit a small family?

For something a little different yet still fabulously chic, we check out the next submission from Andrea Micheletti. Open plan and fabulous, this family abode is sure to impress with its lovely classic finishes and subtle yet eye-catching features.

Tranquil and serene

2 spectacular apartments

As you can see from the small floor plan diagram above, the 3D render is now situated in the bedroom. This area contains a huge wall-mounted television for relaxing and unwinding, in addition to a neat workspace by the window.

The colours are simple yet effective, with plenty of neutral tones adding to the overall sense of calm tranquillity.

The final option

2 spectacular apartments

Our last submission comes from Serena Manzi, and turns this 1 home into 2 spectacular apartments. The design is once again classic in its setup, with enough modernity to keep the vibe and aura feeling fresh. Do you like the parquet flooring? Attention to detail is wonderful throughout, with a range of rustic furniture choices juxtaposed against more modern pieces and accoutrements.

Spectacularly light and bright

2 spectacular apartments

Lastly we head into the bedroom. This space is not that dissimilar from many of the other rooms we have seen throughout this tour. Shades, hues and tones are light and bright, while the overall scheme is one of elegance and refinement. Do you think this works well in this particular setup? We love the way the designers have included plenty of contemporary finishes alongside more traditional elements, while the overarching feeling is one of composure, placidity and peace.

Well folks, what did you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

And stay tuned next Monday when we check out another fabulous feature contest…

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