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Copy Cat Chic: Today’s Feature Blog

February 16, 2017
copy cat chic

Are you looking to design your home for less, but finding your decor of choice is unquestionably bank-breaking? Copy Cat Chic is a great resource and today’s feature blog, which makes creating your ultimate interior easy!

Today’s feature blog is sure to get your creative design juices flowing. Last week we checked out From Moon to Moon, while today we’ll be looking at Copy Cat Chic. Taking popular items that are trending, the articles focus on how you can save money, while still filling your home with plenty of gorgeous decorative pieces.

Are you ready to be a copy cat and design your dwelling with chic, on-trend items? Let’s check out more below…

The face/s behind Copy Cat Chic…

copy cat chic

via CCC

The creator of this fabulous blog is Raichel Broussard. Along with her team of four others, they put together the website and scour the world for great savings and deals. After purchasing her home in the San Francisco Bay Area, Raichel and her husband were forced to look for budget items to design their dwelling, while saving money to fund their mortgage repayments. The blog was borne from a desire to share these fab finds with the world, and the result is a wonderfully useful resource.

If you’d like to learn more about Raichel, or her colleagues: Audrey, Jordan, Shannon or Susie, head over here and keep reading.

Decorating tips and tricks

copy cat chic

via CCC

Along with showing you how to save money on your home’s design, the blog is also a great resource for learning how to throw parties, organise your abode, or start a new DIY.

We loved this Galentines party idea above, which is ideal for those ladies who want to throw themselves a fabulous party for their friends. Gather your ideas and info, while picking up some neat tricks and hints.

On trend stylistic hints

copy cat chic

via CCC

The room above is a great indication of what can be achieved with a united and cohesive scheme. All of these ideas are thoroughly documented and demonstrated on the blog, ensuring you can easily copy cat your favourites. Are you lacking ideas or inspiration for your residential refurbishment? Perhaps you need a few stylish tips and tricks? The internet is full of advice, but finding the right information can often make you feel a little lost at sea. Copy Cat Chic is definitely a helpful refuge in this internet ocean, in addition to ensuring you always have a bevvy of new and interesting interior inspo.

Individual items for a lower price

copy cat chic

via CCC

The heart and soul of Copy Cat Chic is its ability to find luxury items you desperately want, while presenting other copy cat pieces for a fraction of the cost. Are you looking for a gold plated bar cart, but don’t want to fork out the $1000 plus dollars? Head over to the blog and find yourself an alternative for less!

We love the bedroom above, which provides a range of enviable accessories we’re sure everyone would like. If you want to check it out in full, head over here.

Stay updated and inspired

Like many of our favourite bloggers, a solid Instagram account is a must have. Copy Cat Chic is no different, with a range of daily posts that will inspire you to update and improve your home.


What did you think of Copy Cat Chic? Let us know in the comments below! 

And stay tuned next Thursday, when we check out another fab feature blogger…

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