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6 Inexpensive Bedroom Remodelling Tips

February 18, 2017
inexpensive bedroom

Your bedroom is your home’s relaxation station – a place to power-up, revive, re-energise and prepare yourself for the day ahead. As place of solace, romance and tranquillity, your bedroom needs to look and feel its finest, and we’re going to show you how!

Hey there CoContesters! And welcome back to another round of fab interior decor inspiration. Last week we had some home de-cluttering tips to get your dwelling looking minimal and chic, while today we’ll be checking out 6 inexpensive bedroom remodelling tips that are sure to get you thinking.

1. Remember ‘less is more’ when it comes to undertaking an inexpensive bedroom re-do…

inexpensive bedroom

via A Beautiful Mess

Remodelling a bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean adding accessories, it can conversely mean taking some away. Clutter is no good for the bedroom, and sorting our what you really want and need is the start to creating a restful and enjoyable bedroom.

Take some cues from the neat example above. The decorations and ornamentation is minimal, with a cohesive and united theme. For one of your walls, why not create a feature using an eye-catching artwork, wall-mounted planters, followed by a console table with a few carefully curated curios.

If you don’t have room for a console table to house your decorations, swap this for your workspace or even a dressing table.

2. Add mirrors

inexpensive bedroom

via My Scandinavian Home

Inexpensive bedroom design doesn’t have to be tough or even hard work. Enter the mirror: a hardworking domestic accessory that’s worth its weight in gold. This Scandinavian interior boasts plenty of elements that will suit a low-cost upgrade from the all-white colour scheme to the simplistic minimal aesthetic. What we really love however is the mirror. Mirrors work brilliantly in small bedrooms, adding additional depth to their space, while looking effortlessly stylish.

You can purchase mirrors from second hand shops, new retailers and even have them made yourself. Generally inexpensive a mirror will add plenty of style for its relatively low cost.

3. Paint your ceiling

inexpensive bedroom

via Skunkboyblog

Nothing gives your bedroom a total decorative wake-up call more than painting the ceiling. This works particularly well if your walls are white, enhancing the space and creating an eye-catching feature.

This eclectic bedroom is perfectly adorned with simple yet attractive furniture, and the viridian ceiling is seriously chic!

4. Add a reading corner

inexpensive bedroom

via Design Sponge

Bedrooms these days are often multi-function domestic spaces. Not simply a place to rest one’s head, they also offer an area to relax, read, chill out or socialise. For this reason a reading corner is the perfect inexpensive bedroom upgrade.

Now, you don’t have to use this space for reading alone, it is an ideal space for your friends to sit when they come over, or simply a place for pet to sleep. The best part? These corners can be created with relative ease. Simply add a feature armchair, daybed or sofa (depending on your room’s size), small rug and freestanding or suspended lamp, and voila!

If you like the example above, you can check out the full bedroom makeover here.

5. Rethink your clothing storage

inexpensive bedroom

via Apartment Therapy

If you reside in an apartment chances are you lack wardrobe space. Older apartments and homes often lack the essential modern amenities that are present in today’s newer or refurbished abodes. However, all is not lost. These days there are plenty of external robe solutions that can look just as chic as built-ins. If you’re on a budget a new clothing rack can add style and pizzazz to your room.

If hanging garments in the open focus on keeping pieces that match and that you would wear together on show. This looks trendy, and believe it or not, can help you quickly assemble your outfit each morning. The example above is a good demonstration of this, and works with a simple yet elegant rail, along with a curated selection of items.

If you do have built-in robes, try giving them a de-clutter to improve their efficiency, and increase your bedroom’s effectiveness.

6. New bed linen

inexpensive bedroom

via French by Design

New bed sheets and linen can breathe fresh life into your sleeping quarters. Not simply good looking, a set of new sheets can also improve your night’s rest, while boosting your bedroom’s appearance. Go for a monochromatic setup like the one above, or choose something a little out of the ordinary with patterns, motifs and colours. Additionally, throw cushions and rugs add character and style to a space, and are an inexpensive bedroom must-have.

Did you pick up a few inexpensive bedroom tips or tricks? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Remember to stay tuned next Saturday, when we bring you even more remodelling hints and ideas…

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