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A Large 70s House Undergoes a Amazing Rebuild!

February 20, 2017
large 70s house

Constructed in 1974, today’s 3-storey feature property is sure to get you thinking! Replete with impressively large rooms and a tonne of potential, you’re going to love this makeover and total domestic transformation…

Happy Thursday folks, and welcome back to another round of fab feature dwellings that boast incredible makeovers! Last week we took a look at 2 spectacular apartments created from 1 flat, while today we’ll be taking a look at one huge home that features 3 self-contained abodes within one large 70s house.

Constructed in 1974, the ground floor and half a portion of the dwelling was built, but lacked the completely finished aesthetic that the owners were seeking. Deciding to complete the abode, a second floor was constructed, along with the rest of the first floor. The result is a large and impressive dwelling that contains living spaces for one family, along with plenty of space for friends and family.

The original 70s interior

large 70s house

Taking a quick look at the original dwelling we see that this is certainly nothing special. The structure boasts potential, but this is lost underneath the less than appealing 70s decor and design.

Under construction…

large 70s house

Here we see the large 70s house in its final finished form. Although a little rough around the edges, we’re able to see the structure and shape of the abode, along with the new sections that have been added.

The new floor plan: ground floor

large 70s house

Designed by Up4 Architects, this new layout is the winning submission and really gives us a great idea of the structural floor plan and room arrangement.

The next two images will show the first and second floor, and give you an idea of the scale of this project. Each room is labelled, and shows us exactly how the new and rather extravagant dwelling is set up.

Each level contains amenities that provide comfy living conditions, including kitchens, laundries sleeping quarters. Along with plenty of living space, the dwelling also includes a gym, home office space and ample dining areas.

The new first floor

large 70s house

A quick peek at the completed first floor shows us that this residence offers ample living space, master bedrooms, another small cooking area, utility room and home workspace.

Let’s take a look at the upper level…

The second floor

large 70s house

The second floor of this large 70s house contains an incredibly large exterior deck area with rooftop entertaining area, and plenty of space to host parties.

Light and bright interior spaces

large 70s house


Do you like this bedroom? Utilising natural materials ensure the interior remains warm and inviting. Dynamic and eye-catching, this setup boasts a beautiful array of stunning fixtures and fittings, paired with cosy colours and shades. In this bedroom we notice the almost retro appearance that keeps the space characterful and charming.

Marble flooring is elegant and opulent, while the timber-clad walls ensure privacy and soften the cooler stone finishes.

An incredibly large property with all the trimmings

large 70s house

Our second submission comes from Alessio Pea, and gives us another idea of the arrangement and setup. Here the 3D render illustrates the exterior options and cladding. If you’d like to see more of the potential cladding options, you can check them out here.

This setup even includes an additional living terrace on the top of the building, with a dining, sitting, and bar area. This is all reached via an elevator, which traverses all the levels and makes the home accessible for everyone.

Sumptuous open spaces and master bedroom suites

large 70s house

Back inside we check out another bedroom that features classic Italian design, along with a sense of regal luxury. The pieces that have been chosen are elegant, while alluring in their individuality.

Overall the interior is light and peaceful, offering solace and serenity. The house itself is bunker-like, providing the occupants everything they might require for cosy, comfortable and opulent living. I think the hardest thing about residing in this large 70s house would be trying to leave!

Minimalist interior design

large 70s house

Do you like this interior’s minimalist design? Conceived and planned by La Romicia, our final submissions shows us the living area, with its cool, calm and simple aesthetics.

The furniture blends light timber tones with crisp white elements and more subdued grey hues. The result? A totally chic, welcoming and timeless ambience.

A large 70s house transformed!

large 70s house


For our last peek before we end our tour, we check out the front garden and the architects impression of this house’s final appearance. Lush and in-keeping with the landscape, this dwelling is definitely ticking all the boxes, while offering a luxurious home.

What did you think? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below…

And stay tuned for another fab feature contest next week on CoContest!

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