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Crazy Wonderful: Today’s Feature Blog

February 23, 2017
Crazy Wonderful

Here at CoContest HQ we love a good DIY project, and are always interested to see what everyday individuals do to improve, energy and reinvigorate their abodes. Today we’re checking out Crazy Wonderful, in all its DIY and home renovation glory! Let’s take a peek…

Last week we featured the creative stylings of Copy Cat Chic, while today we’ll be taking a gander inside the life of Shelley and her family, as well as her wonderful blog Crazy Wonderful.

Featuring DIY projects for all your domestic spaces, we’re sure you’ll find something that enlightens and delights. Are you ready to take a peek? Let’s check out more below…

The face behind Crazy Wonderful…

Crazy Wonderful

via Crazy Wonderful

So who exactly is the face behind Crazy Wonderful? Shelley is a wife, mother and self-confessed lover of all things DIY. Bringing her innate sense of style to everything she does, her blog is a wonderland of fun projects and chic ideas. As we can see from her home’s interior entrance above, Shelley certainly knows her stuff!

Believing that a little creativity and elbow grease is all that is needed, she saves money by incorporated low-cost updates into each and every room of her family’s home. If you want to learn more, as well as check out Shelley and her family, head over here.

A texan home tour

Crazy Wonderful

via Crazy Wonderful

Would you like to take a gander inside Shelley’s own home? Well you can! Check out the link here, and wander through each and every well-designed and renovated room.

The master bedroom is a real winner, boasting clean lines, sumptuous textiles and plenty of glorious natural light. Neutral hues work spectacularly here, offering a sense of class, elegance and style.

DIY tips and tutorials

Crazy Wonderful

via Crazy Wonderful

What do you think of this chic and sleek interior space? The main feature and function of the blog is definitely to show you how you can update your home using easy to follow DIY projects. Doing it yourself doesn’t have to be hard, or even frustrating – with Shelley’s ideas and design nous, you’ll be beautifying on your own in no time!

We took a particular liking to this guest bedroom above, which features a gallery wall of hats that look simply delightful. If you’d like to check out the before and after, head over here.

Updating a rental

Crazy Wonderful

via Crazy Wonderful

Are you a renter? Renting a home can come with myriad issues and complications, all leading to frustration and domestic unease. One of the biggest issues is not feeling like you can decorate and design your place to suit you and your family. As a previous renter herself, Shelley shows you exactly how you can personalise your home, in addition to creating wonderful living spaces that are renter-friendly.

If you like the look of the living room above, and want to take a tour of the family’s entire abode, you can head over here and see it in its entirety!

Staying up to date…

With just under 5k Instagram followers, it’s no wonder Shelley’s blog is a mainstay amongst the Insta-designer community. If you like to stay updated, peruse stylish home interior photos and simply sneak a peek into some stylish abodes, then you have to check out her account.

What did you think of today’s feature blogger? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

And stay tuned next Thursday when we will look at another fab feature blog…

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