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9 Unbelievable Kitchens to Inspire your Remodel

February 25, 2017
Unbelievable Kitchens

The kitchen is the beating heart of one’s home – a central hub that offers conviviality and warmth, your kitchen should reflect your way of life, your personality and your needs in an efficient and stylish package.

Hi there CoContesters! And welcome back to another round of fabulous remodelling tips and tricks. We’ve got some unbelievable kitchens in store for you today, in addition to a tonne of inspirational cooking spaces that are sure to impress.

Last week we focused our attention on inexpensive bedroom remodelling tips, while today we’re heading into the kitchen to take a peek at 9 of our favourite cooking areas. Let’s face it, your kitchen is more than just a place to cook food, it’s a lifestyle location that gathers individuals into its warm embrace with the promise of delicious delicacies and gastronomic indulgences.

Are you about to renovate, rebuild or refurbish? If you’re stuck with your kitchen’s setup, then we’re going to show you a few examples that will definitely get the design juices flowing! Check out our top 9 below…

1. Unbelievable kitchens start here: The contemporary timber-clad cooking space

Unbelievable Kitchens

Elegant and understated, this kitchen ticks all the boxes. Do you like the simple island that provides storage? This Mad Men-esque cooking space is definitely at the top of our list in terms of style, while proving simplicity does equal beauty!

2. Beautiful bucolic timelessness

Unbelievable Kitchens

Are you more of a country style person? If so you’ll adore this large white kitchen that evokes a sense of modern luxury. If you’d like to check it out in its entirety, head over here for some more inspiration.

3. Masterful monochromatic luxury

Unbelievable Kitchens

Unbelievable kitchens are all about bucking trends to create innovative new spaces. Who said monochromatic spaces can’t look fabulous? This grey kitchen is eye-catching and masterful in its simplicity.

4. Unique and eye-catching

Unbelievable Kitchens

One of our undeniable favourites, this blue and gold kitchen takes traditional hues and pairs them with contemporary finishes and uber-luxurious fittings. If you’d like to see more, check out this kitchen in full here.

5. Black and white beauty

Unbelievable Kitchens

The simple pairing of black and white works wonders in this open plan kitchen. Utilising a galley setup, the storage is placed on one side of the wall, while the appliances on the other. Do you like the green tiles? They add an extra sense of character and charm in this chic and sophisticated space.

6. Modern and highly usable

Unbelievable Kitchens

One of the most liveable kitchens, our next kitchen is fabulously attention-grabbing. Do you like the built-in dining area for individuals to chat and socialise? We think this is one of the finest kitchens going around!

7. Rustic renovations

Unbelievable Kitchens

A rustic renovation of this kitchen proves that traditional homes can be updated sympathetically, while still retaining modernity and usability. To check out more of this cooking space, head over here.

8. An incredible contemporary makeover

Unbelievable Kitchens

This kitchen has been totally rejuvenated. In addition to making this kitchen more user-friendly, the designers have also created a social space that brings people together.

9. Large and social

Unbelievable Kitchens

The kitchen island is definitely the standout feature within this space. Large and welcoming, the bar offers space for 6 individuals, while the ample storage and appliance inclusions mean this is perfect for an avid entertainer of guests.
Well, after checking out these unbelievable kitchens, do you have a favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

If you liked this and want more we’ve got a load of design inspo next Saturday, when we’ll check out more ways for you to update you dwelling in style – stay tuned…


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