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A Sicilian Hotel is Given an Incredible Re-style

February 27, 2017
Sicilian Hotel

From the roaring power of Mt Etna to idyllic seaside coves, Sicily has it all. Get ready CoContesters, today we’ll be travelling to this inimitable island locale to take a peek inside a Sicilian hotel that will be undergoing an incredible re-style and transformation.

Have you been to Sicily? Situated on the Aeolian archipelago, this late 70s structure is in dire need of its latest restructure and remodel. Staying true to the local style, soft colours have been employed, in addition to sympathetic modernisation of the internal spaces. However, as these improvements have now been made, the interior décor needs to be decided. Homogeneous and in need of a stylish vision, our specialists and professionals have submitted their gorgeous proposals and ideas for this Sicilian hotel.

Last week we took a look at a large 70s house upgrade, while today we’ll be delving into the beautiful re-style and transformation of this 1970s hotel residence. Would you like to this impressive Sicilian hotel update? Let’s find out below…

The original interior

Sicilian Hotel

Would you like to stay here? No, we don’t think so either – dull, dowdy and desperately asking for a makeover, this interior certainly doesn’t inspire style or confidence. Before we check out the submissions, it’s usually a great idea to check out what the property looked like in its original state. Here we take a peek at the entrance and check-in spot, which is uninspiring and rather ordinary.

A fabulous new design and style

Sicilian Hotel

What do you think of this new interior? Completely reinvigorated, the updated interior is eye-catching, stylish and impressive. Staying true to the Mediterranean style, the fresh design from Elizaveta Movchan offers open and light spaces, in addition to improved flooring and textural elements.

Although completely reinvigorated this Sicilian hotel still manages to feel welcoming, warm and energised. The designers of this newly refurbished entrance have retained the original shape and structure of the room, while imparting a re-styled arrangement of furniture. This removes the need for large structural alterations, improving the cost of the overall refurbishment.

Elegant sitting and guest space


Sicilian Hotel

Wow! This sitting area is seriously chic. Moving through the ground floor entrance space we enter the sitting area and bar. This is totally rejuvenated and impossibly chic! A bright white colour scheme offers timelessness and an enduring aesthetic, while contrasting black planters hold lush greenery that is then reflected on the upstairs terrace and outdoor entertaining space.

The neutral and enduring bedrooms

Sicilian Hotel

Upstairs there are three different bedroom options. The luxury hotel now boasts gorgeously sleek sleeping quarters, with a refined yet welcoming ambience.

White walls, grey timber floors, statement furniture and soft tones add to a modern, age-defiant atmosphere. Would you like to stay here? We know we would!

Eye-catching and bright

Sicilian Hotel Our next submission is from Irene Arescaldino and provides an eye-catching array of statement furniture and retro vibes. Within the newly updated check-in space we see the colourful seating, paired with a white palette of hues, in addition to plentiful indoor greenery.

What do you think about the casual yet structured design? How do you think it compares to the aforementioned interior re-style?

Picking the furniture


Sicilian Hotel

Picking furniture is often one of the most exciting steps in a refurbishment and re-style. However, it can also be one of the trickiest! To offer an idea of what was utilised in the above image, the designer included all of the individual choices and selections here. Everything is reasonably priced, with an emphasis on timelessness. This avoids the need to constantly update and redo the property in the future.

A conceptual option with retro furniture

Sicilian Hotel

What do you think of this cosy yet retro design? For the third winning submission we take a peek at the work of Chiara Corzetto Conflan. Opting for hues that reflect the seaside situation of this property, each item is bright, attention-grabbing and gorgeous.

Within the entrance area we see that mid-century modern furniture was preferred and implemented, with 50s style seating in bright blue tones. These are paired with a shabby-chic selection of textures, which we’ll see in more detail below…

Wonderful textures and tones

Sicilian Hotel

Although you might find it difficult to visualise the new entrance purely by looking at its drawing, this collaged image will assist. Here we see the different textures that have were implemented, along with the retro hues and eye-catching statement items.

Which submission do you like best? Each has its own interesting personal touches, in addition to a specific aura and ambience. Leave us a comment below and let us know!

If you liked that and want more, stay tuned for more next week, in addition to another peek inside a fabulous renovation and transformation on CoContest!

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