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Belle Amour Designs: Today’s Feature Blog

March 2, 2017
Belle Amour Designs

You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to turn your home into a domestic wonderland. Welcome back CoContesters, today we’re going to check out a fab feature blog: Belle Amour Designs!

Last week we checked out Crazy Wonderful, while today we’ll be taking a peek inside the life of Stephanie and her blog Belle Amour Designs. If you’re in the process of updating and renewing your home then this is the website for you! Filled with DIY projects, family friendly ideas and a passionate array of tips and tricks, Stephanie and her blog are sure to impress. Let’s check out more of her website below…

A little about Stephanie…

Belle Amour Designs

via Belle Amour Designs

This is Stephanie. Self-taught interior designer with an eye for detail, her blog Belle Amour is the ideal platform to document not only her family, but the family’s very first house. A lovely three-storey attached dwelling in historic Boston, Stephanie and her husband are beautifully restoring the abode, in addition to modernising its heritage interior.

Aiming to create an inspirational abode, Stephanie shares her projects and ideas to allow you to create beauty in all areas of your home. Budget friendly and handmade, her blog is a breath of fresh air in the blogosphere.

Want to learn more about Stephanie and her website? Head over here and check it out.

Masterful room reveals

Belle Amour Designs

via Belle Amour Designs

If there is one thing we really love here at CoContest, it’s a masterful room makeover and refurbishment! Stephanie has seamlessly updated a range of her property’s rooms, revealing a keen eye for style and detail.

We loved this master retreat renovation, which includes light tones, while retaining contrast through rich timber tones and bright accessories.

Like what you see? Check out the full room reveal here, and perhaps glean a few tips for your own abode.

Plenty of decorating tips and tricks

Belle Amour Designs

via Belle Amour Designs

Decorating one’s home, while retaining a sense of simplicity and verve can be one of the trickiest undertakings. We adore some of Stephanie’s decor ideas, which take budget friendly tips and ensure they look a million dollars. Do you like the seasonal ornamentation above? Check it out here.

Endless DIY ideas and projects

Belle Amour Designs

via Belle Amour Designs

Along with the many tips, tricks and projects on Belle Amour, Stephanie has also included a range of DIY ideas you’ll love! Do you like the above setup? If you do you can check it out here.

The simplicity and style show here is one of the finest details in this designer’s toolkit. She manages to keep the interior spaces clean and crisp, while retaining a sense of class, elegance and individuality.

Staying updated with Stephanie…

Do you follow a range of your own self-curated Insta-favourites? If you’re a regular CoContester you’ll know how much we love our Instagram designers! Belle Amour offers a great up-to-date array of ideas and tips, while providing endless inspiration for our homes.

If you’re in need of some inspirational encouragement or motivation, head over here and get your ideas today!

What did you think folks? If you like Stephanie’s website, let us know in the comments below! 

And stay tuned next Thursday when we feature another one of our favourites…

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