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Gallery Walls: 8 of our Favourites

March 4, 2017
Gallery Walls

Harking back to late 17th century Paris, Salon walls are an inimitable, popular and achievable domestic decoration that’s sure to boost your home’s aesthetic value and style.

Are you ready to check out an easy home remodelling idea that’ both wonderfully unique and easily personalised? Get ready CoContesters, we’re going to take a peek at gallery walls and how to create them in your own abode. Last week we took a look at 9 unbelievable kitchens, while today we’ll take a gander at some of the finer gallery style setups for your home. Want to see our 8 favourites? Read on below folks!

Eye-catching and sophisticated

Gallery Walls

Our first favourite goes to this elegant living room that’s a gorgeous blend of mid-century modern furniture, bohemian accessories and mature refinement.

Replete with plenty of attention-grabbing frames and individualised artworks, this interior ticks all the boxes. The colour scheme is bold and engaging, yet welcoming as well.

Utilising a corner

Gallery Walls

This standout space embraces the corner of a wall by including a range of bold frames that ensure the room is anything but boring. Extra points go to the gorgeous pink upholstered chair that imparts a fresh and zany twist on tradition.

Baby’s first gallery wall!

Gallery Walls

It’s never too early to get your child into some seriously stylish digs. Add a Salon style wall to boost your nursery’s ambience, as well as promoting art, culture and visually appealing wall decor.

Scandinavian-chic gallery walls

Gallery Walls

Opt for some Scandinavian simplicity by gleaning a few tips and tricks from this next example! Elegant, versatile and effortlessly chic, gallery walls such as these are sure to impress and delight. As well as looking timeless and graceful, they also provide an inspirational ambience and vibes for your interior.

Embrace lesser-utilised domestic spaces

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls have come a long way in recent years, offering a great feature for many different internal spaces. In this example we see that the designers have opted to include their selection of images along the staircase. This not only provides an eye-catching feature for the interior, but also utilises an oft-neglected wall area.

Working with textures, shapes and finishes

Gallery Walls

Salon walls don’t have to comprise the same shapes or sizes – in actual fact, these days they look wonderful in a range of different patterns, forms and textures. This hallway area employs a large circular mirror, along with some organic ovals, standard squares and happy hexagonals to create an engaging and unique decoration.

Forget white – paint your wall bright!

Gallery Walls

Try your gallery walls against a bright feature wall to add verve and energy to your room. We love the example above, which boasts an array of interesting and eye-catching pieces placed against a sparkling blue hue. Ideal for brightening a dull corner or domestic space, this option is incredibly exciting!

Colourful and eclectic

Gallery Walls

Colourful and electric, this wonderful artful example is a great demonstration of gallery walls at their best. Choose a Salon like this one if you want your home to feel vibrant and engaging!

Did you have a favourite from this list? Add your ultimate choice below!

And stay tuned for more remodelling tips and tricks next Saturday…

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