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A New Luxury Apartment is Given a Fresh Interior

March 6, 2017
luxury apartment

We all dream of owning a luxurious, welcoming and well-designed home. Whether it’s a rustic cottage nestled in a historic village or an opulent seaside villa, a stylish and versatile dwelling is the ideal place to recharge one’s soul, mind and body.

Get ready folks, today we’re heading inside a luxury apartment to check out a few fabulous new designs for a lavish multi-residential villa. Are you looking for a little domestic inspiration, few ideas, tips or tricks? If you are then you’ve come to the right place! If you enjoyed last week’s Sicilian hotel re-style then you’ll love what we have in store today.

Set within a new construction, this villa offers several apartments, one of which is today’s feature dwelling. Located on the ground floor of this large property, the residence boasts a private garden, outdoor gazebo, covered porch and basement room internally connected by a staircase. There is also a double garage and private entry to this expansive and generous abode. Seeking to provide a cohesive and modern interior scheme, our professionals have submitted their ideas and plans, which are sure to impress and delight. Would you like to see which ones made the cut? Check them out by reading on below…

The finished luxury villa

luxury apartment

Today’s contest is definitely a head-turner! The image above displays the lavish finished product that has been submitted by the client to give an idea of the construction, shape and structure. The apartment in question is located on the ground floor and is replete with a basement room as well. Let’s see the new interior submissions below…

A fabulous new floor plan…

luxury apartment

Planned and conceived by Decolite Design, this floor plan will provide an insight into the shape and structure of the updated interior. The new layout is bursting with wonderful inclusions, while feeling open and spacious. What do you think of the domestic setup? Would it suit your family?

Let’s take a look at the inside…

Bright, airy and well-planned spaces

luxury apartment

Inside the interior scheme is wonderfully bright and neutral. Do you like the combination of modern furniture with contemporary yet timeless hues?  This room embraces technology with a wall-mounted television for watching while eating, in addition to all the necessary 21st century appliances.

What do you think of the exposed stone wall? This natural feature helps impart a sense of earthiness within the abode, while providing the ultimate low-maintenance kitchen feature.

Creating a unified interior scheme

luxury apartment

In the bedroom the decor is no less impressive. Clean joinery offers efficient storage for all domestic items, while the vibrant wall art contrasts the neutral colour scheme perfectly.

Sumptuous and relaxing, this large room offers everything one might need for a relaxing getaway and respite from the hectic outer world.

A luxury apartment with a functional kitchen

luxury apartment

Next up we check out the submission from Fausta Gosselin. Offering an idea of both the location and style of the kitchen, this setup is decked out in characterful cabinetry, country style appliances and all the living essentials one might require.

A cross-section of the new luxury apartment

luxury apartment

To truly understand a project it helps to be provided with 3D renders and drawings. This cross-sectional image clearly displays the internal spaces, along with the general setup and structure of the home. Do you like the lavish outdoor space? We think this home is wonderfully designed for modern living, offering all amenities and necessities for a luxury apartment of your dreams.

Contemporary interiors and luxury fixtures

luxury apartment

Last up we take a peek at the third winning submission by Giovanna Perna. This vibrant interior definitely steps the style up a notch with incredibly opulent aesthetics and a wonderfully unique design.

The open plan living zone offers a feature wall of eye-catching motifs, in addition to a wall-mounted console table. Here the ambience is an inviting one, with elegant furniture, modern accessories, and timeless fittings that complete the interior.

An elegant and refined design

luxury apartment

Taking a peek from the opposite direction we see that this truly is a refined and elegant luxury apartment. However, it’s also one of originality and charm. Mixing attention-grabbing features with retro furniture, the home manages to bridge the gap between modern and age-defiant. Do you like the way the shadows within this home boost the mood and ambience? We think the designers have definitely extended themselves with the charismatic interior setup, offering a timeless and enduring composition of elements.

What did you think – do you have a favourite interior option? Let us know your thoughts by adding a comments below!

And stay tuned folks, because we have plenty more coming next Monday on CoContest…

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