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Julie Blanner: Today’s Feature Blog

March 9, 2017
julie blanner

Do-it-yourself domestic inspiration has come along way in recent decades. Not simply about scanning through magazines, we now have dedicated bloggers who share their very best home ideas, influences, tips and tricks.

Today’s feature blogger does all this and more. Meet Julie Blanner: style seeker, DIY master and domestic entrepreneur. Last week we took a look at Belle Amour Designs, while today we’ll be peeking in at Julie’s website. Known as an entertaining and design site that celebrates everyday life, Julie finds beauty in the smallest detail or imperfection, lovingly creating stylish home environments.

Would you like to learn more? Let’s it out below…

A little about Julie Blanner…

julie blanner

via Julie Blanner

Starting her career as a wedding planner, event organiser and intimate party guru, Julie stretched her knowledge to begin the website we see today. Designed in 2008 to share her entertaining efforts, the blog has blossomed into a multifunctional lifestyle destination with endless interior inspiration.

Sharing intimate moments with her family, along with great step-by-step DIY projects, organisational tricks and stylish domestic spaces, this is a definite one-stop-shop for all things gorgeous.

Want to keep reading? You can learn more about Julie and her blog here.

Great organisational tips and tricks

julie blanner

via Julie Blanner

One of the best things about Julie’s blog is the step-by-step organisational DIY projects. Photographed to show exactly how to complete every detail, the designs are helpful and stylish.

We particularly liked this mudroom DIY, in addition to showing how to create a lovely space, the essential mudroom amenities were included and highlighted.

Free Easter printables for your home…

julie blanner

via Julie Blanner

Do you like free domestic accessories? We do! Especially ones that adorn our home with style. Luckily Julie has plenty of great printables you’ll just adore. As we’re heading into Easter we thought we’d show these wonderful word-searches that are definitely going to improve your festive feast. Simply print and enjoy!

Bedroom decor and inspiration

julie blanner

Ashley Whittaker Design via Julie Blanner

Along with adding plenty of her own designs, Julie also sources inspiration from the far reaches of the blogosphere. While updating her girls lake house bedroom, we’ve been able to take a peek at some of the motivational options and suggestions she’s collected.

This design from Ashley Whittaker is one of the finer options, and gives great insight into the desired ambience and atmosphere.

Attempting to create a fun yet stylish play/sleep/live area for her girls, she’s seamlessly collated a beautiful collection of inspirational images that you’ll love. Check them out here.

Tour their home

julie blanner

via Julie Blanner

Would you like to take a peek inside this family’s gorgeous home? We’re lucky enough to meander through Julie’s home, which has been beautifully photographed to reflect the intrinsic qualities and elements of the abode.

Sleek, chic and delicately furnished, the neutral hues abound, creating a fine composition and unified aesthetic.

If you’d like a longer tour, and to see the home in its entirety, head over here and check it out.

Stay updated…

If there is one thing we love to do, it’s stay updated with our feature designer’s favourite pics. Julie’s is seriously impressive, boasting over 24k followers! Tuning into her Instagram account is sure to make you swoon, as it’s replete with a collection of stylish interior ideas, tips and plenty of enviable designs.

Want to take a peek? Head over here and check it out…

What did you think of our feature blogger Julie? Let us know in the comments below!

If you want more, stay tuned next Thursday when we take a peek at another neat designer and style aficionado. 

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