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Living Room Inspiration: 8 of our Favourites

March 11, 2017
living room inspiration

The beating heart of one’s home, a living room can make or break the functionality, hospitality and liveability of a dwelling. We have plenty of living room inspiration to get you updating, renovating and refurbishing your space today!

Welcome back CoContesters! Last week we checked out 8 of our favourite gallery walls, while today we’ll be taking a peek at 8 of our top living room styles. Whether you like your lounge sophisticated or prefer bohemian aesthetics, we’re sure we’ve got something for you! As this domestic space is one of the most frequented, it pays to ensure it’s stylish, versatile and practical. Living room inspiration starts here…come with us and take a look!

The sophisticated

living room inspiration

via House & Garden

Sophisticated style is all about maturity and structure. If you like your room to feel refined, cultured and elegant, then this is the style for you. Take some cues from the example above. The combination of symmetry and neutral colours works excellently, in addition to bursts of colour and geometric shapes.

The eclectic

living room inspiration

via RSRG

For something a little less rigid we next take a peek inside an eclectic living space. Decked out in a range of eye-catching, avant-garde pieces, this is a well-curated collection of autobiographical pieces that reflect the personality of the room’s owner. Choose contrasting textures, eras and colours, fusing together an attention-grabbing style that is anything but boring.

The classic

living room inspiration

via Architectural Digest

On the opposite end of the spectrum to eclectic we have classic aesthetics. This timeless and highly popular interior style offers age-defiance, elegance and sophistication. Much like Emily Rossum’s pied-à-terre above, you should opt for antique furniture, neutral or rich colour schemes, in addition to a graceful acknowledgement of tradition.

The minimalist

living room inspiration

via longfabu

What do you think about the room above? Minimalism is about paring-back your interior. Choose light or contrasting colour schemes, in addition to contemporary furniture that avoids any flourishes. Rooms should feel clean and clutter free, while still inviting and carefully balanced.

The maximalist

living room inspiration

via Architectural Digest

Perhaps you want something completely different? Maximalism is the complete opposite and sure to impress those who like colourful, crowded and eye-catching interiors. The sky’s the limit when it comes to maximalism, consequently meaning your imagination can run wild. What do you think of the living room above? If you’d like to learn more about maximalism head over here: Think Big! 5 Tips to Decorate using Maximalism

The bohemian

living room inspiration

via The Jungalow

Similar to eclectic living rooms, bohemian style is all about nonconformist, unconventional and eccentric interiors. Think free spirit, beatnik and gypsy all rolled into one, in addition to plenty of your own personal touches. We adore the room above, which pairs plenty of amazing features to create a chic, hippy and unorthodox space.

The Scandinavian

living room inspiration

via My Scandinavian Home

Are you a fan of Scandinavian interiors? We love this example above, which favours simplistic style, versatility and of course, plenty of chic attributes. Do as this room does and opt for a charcoal and white colour scheme, plenty of grey hues, sumptuous textiles and well-crafted furniture.

The mid-century modern

living room inspiration

via WESTnewyorkplumbing

What do you think of this room? Last, but certainly not least, we take a peek at the mid-century modern living room. With pieces hailing from the 40s through to the 60s, this era is all about eye-catching design, edgy forms and iconic shapes. Think about including designers such as Eames, Wagner, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Saarinen and Risom. Of course, if you’re on a budget, a trip to your local second hand furniture store can present a range of stylish surprises.

Do you have a favourite style? Let us know what you thought of our living room inspiration by leaving a comment below!

And stay tuned CoContesters, we have plenty more design inspo next Saturday…

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