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Dream Home: One Family’s 365m2 Luxury Abode

March 13, 2017
dream home

What do you do when you’ve been given a completely blank canvas – a fresh start to design anything and everything, in order to suit your exacting specifications and needs? This is exactly what the owners of today’s feature dwelling have been offered, and we can’t wait to see the results!

Today’s feature dwelling is incredible. Large, opulent and impressive, the property boasts everything one might want to truly live the high life. Last week we took a peek inside a new luxury apartment, while today we’re stepping things up a notch with this spectacular and striking dream home.

The Residences are Panama City’s newest and most lavish waterfront condominium. Situated in the Punta Pacifica area, they offer a chance to reside in true luxury. Gazebos, landscaped gardens, concierge service, swimming pools, spas and outdoor terraces are only the beginning, in addition to these enviable features, each apartment (between 350 – 1300m2) boasts ocean or Panama City views and modern architecture throughout. Exclusive and swoon-worthy, we can’t wait to see what our designers have created and come up with. Let’s check it out…

The under-construction apartment complex

dream home

This picture sums it up really – lavish, luxurious, modern and impressive. This condo setup is decked out in the finest finishes, features and elements. It truly shines, and provides our designers with a great starting point for their inspiration and ideas.

The general requirements from the family were to boost a sense of liveability within the abode. They want interior areas that are usable, yet also provide a sense that they are within their dream home. They also have the luxury of two live-in housekeepers, which require two bedrooms and a shared bathroom.

The new floor plan

dream home

To give you a better idea of the general setup and structure of the new apartment, we head to our second winning submission. Designed by Marija Tomasevic, this floor plan allows us to see exactly where each room is located, in addition to the furniture layout.

What do you think of the general structure and setup? Is this how you would have arranged the rooms?

Luxury living and opulent features

dream home

Do you like the chic furniture and decor utilised in this room? You’d be forgiven for thinking this came out of a luxury house magazine, as it’s filled with beautiful ideas, inspiration and style. Replete with an almost industrial aesthetic, the space offers timeless yet eye-catching appeal, in addition to plenty of unique pieces.

The fabulous twins’ room

dream home

Could you possibly imagine a better room as a child? We don’t think so! This space is bursting at the seams with incredible inclusions, cheerful attributes and playful accessories. Ideal for the family’s twin boys, the space makes the most of the room by adding a loft bed setup that is exciting, as well as space-saving.

The elegance of simplicity and earthy tones

dream home

The third submission comes from Fabio Florio. Opting for a comfortable array of soft tones and contemporary furniture, this room is sure to entice. Recessed lighting is used throughout, while assisting in the living room’s mood and ambience. Timber veneer cladding is also employed, adding earthy tones that look and feel subtle yet inviting.

Focusing on the features

dream home

As well as looking at the overall layout of the home, it’s crucial we take a peek at the specifics. In this image we see the different items that Florio has decided on for the interior. Furniture and accessories are exceptionally important for this abode, ensuring opulence and lavishness throughout.

A simple and stylish dream home

dream home

Lastly we look at our winning submission by Ornella Vaudo. This option focuses on making the most of the surrounding scenery, maximising the elegance of the location, by providing simple yet stylish interiors.

We see the neutral colour palette that is utilised, as well as plenty of gorgeous accessories to boost storage space and heighten liveability.

Making the most of a view

dream home

As we mentioned before, the home makes the most of its impressive scenery. Utilising these views, the designers create an eye-catching space that is anything but boring. With such spectacular scenes right outside the window, there is little need to choose showy interior decorations.

Well, what did you think of this exciting new dream home? Did you have a favourite? 

If you liked this and want more, stay tuned next Monday as we’ll be checking out another fab feature property on CoContest!

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