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A Picture Perfect Living Room Makeover

March 20, 2017
living room makeover

Wedding anniversaries are momentous occasions, and as well as offering the perfect time to celebrate the love of two people, they also provide the chance to deliver a sentimental and heartfelt gift.

Today’s feature project takes us inside the home of a couple celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary. Like most married couples, they have decided to do something special for the day – but instead of the traditional tin or diamond gift, they are¬†undertaking a living room makeover.

As the living room is possibly the most important space in one’s home, it’s crucial the area reflects their living needs, tastes and preferences. Last week we took a look at a truly lavish apartment in Panama, while today we’re thinking a little more compact with a simple living room makeover. If you need assistance with your own space, or would simply like to see what our designers have planned, take a peek at the impressive images below…

The original room

living room makeover

What do you think of this space? The original room is certainly lacking in allure. Dark, rather poorly lit and not at all inviting, this dwelling would really benefit from a total renewal and makeover. Let’s check out what our designers have come up with below…

The winning floor plan

living room makeover

Designed by Marija Tomasevic, this winning design offers an open plan aesthetic, while catering to the owners’ specific needs. Here we see that the general layout of the space has been preserved, while additional armchairs are added to make the most of the large sliding doors and natural light.

Bright and unique living room makeover

living room makeover

The transformed room is unrecognisable! What do you think of this unique floral wallpaper? Bright, lively and clutter free, this new room ticks all the boxes. Adding warmth and a rustic ambience the designers have opted for timber wall cladding that imparts a classically inviting aura.

We adore the different sources of lighting. Located in the main living space a retro lamp hang over the sofa, while a retro suspended light fitting adds illumination to the coffee table.

Open plan, with plenty of entertaining space

living room makeover

Turning around to take a peek at the rest of the room we see that this space is actually rather light in both colour and tone. The walls are a crisp grey hue, while the furniture and wall art is eclectic and bright. Darker timber tones ensure this living room makeover remains versatile, with the potential to update the decor should the need arise.

A creative and engaging area to live

living room makeover

Next up, we check our submission number two. Designed by Georgi Stoyanov, this space offers a range of eclectic pieces, while unifying each item through colour and form. Almost maximalist in its appeal, this space provides an incredible gallery wall, along with vivid wallpaper and plenty of conversational pieces.

We love the bright white colour scheme that adds a sleek and chic element to the room, in addition to the darker black contrasting items, which are effortlessly attention-grabbing.

A revitalised balcony

living room makeover

Not forgetting the balcony, the designers have infused their inviting decor into the exterior living space too. This newly updated terrace offers a living area, in addition to plenty of sun-soaked seats. Built in timber wall shelving adds a place for plenty of greenery and foliage. Furthermore, the hanging lights are eye-catching and charming.

Something a little different

living room makeover

Our third winning submission comes from studioARCHIDE Architettura Ingegneria Design. This different design focuses on timelessness and modern age-defiance. With a contrasting viridian wall hue, the room offers an eye-catching aesthetic. Moreover, the space still opts for classic tones and modern shades. What do you think of the centrally placed sofa? This improves the flow and movement within the room, ensuring the space is usable and liveable.

Which of the three submissions did you fancy the most? You can let us know by leaving a comment below!

Stay tuned next week folks, when we’ll check out another great CoContest feature project.

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