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9 Unbelievable Kitchens to Inspire your Remodel

February 25, 2017
Unbelievable Kitchens

The kitchen is the beating heart of one’s home – a central hub that offers conviviality and warmth, your kitchen should reflect your way of life, your personality and your needs in an efficient and stylish package. Hi there CoContesters! And welcome back to another round of fabulous remodelling tips and tricks. We’ve got some unbelievable kitchens…

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Before & After

Inspiring kitchen showroom design!

July 8, 2016
kitchen showroom design

Welcome back to another edition of the contest series. Today, we dig deep into our vault and bring to you an inspiring kitchen showroom design. Unlike most of our contests, the clients are not concerned with improving their preexisting kitchen setup. They are a company in the business of creating wonderful kitchen designs. So, they knocked CoContest’s door and asked…

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Before & After

A gorgeous ground floor refurbishment

July 1, 2016
ground floor refurbishment

Under the grizzly sky of London, somewhere at the outskirts, a couple weighted down their options and decided to endeavour a ground floor refurbishment. The clients of today’s contest live in a home that abides to the repeating scenario of house accommodation in London. In fact, this pattern can be found across all Metropolis. Houses get smaller due to…

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Before & After

Home improvement: living room and kitchen edition

May 13, 2016
home renovation

Home improvement enthusiasts rejoice!(the rest of the world too) We have a treat for you today. The contest series travels to a family home. Target of improvement: the living room and kitchen. When it comes to making a home improvement there is usually a preconceived notion that a face to face communication is essential to do the dirty…

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Home Decor

Stylish kitchens: our top 6 favourites

October 25, 2015
stylish kitchens

Kitchens: we’ve all (hopefully) got one – that cherished space where busy lives come together over conversation and good food. These days, kitchens are the ultimate domestic multi-tasker: so much more than a place where the fridge and stove sit. So too, kitchens have undergone a renaissance of functionality and aesthetics in the modern era. As a show of what’s…

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